Jada Toys

1999 – Jada Toys, the beginning and its unique ambition

Jada Toys was founded in 1999 on the other side of the Atlantic, in California, by Jack and May Li. The company quickly developed a comprehensive offering and became a leader in licensed action figures, die-cast collectibles, radio-controlled vehicles and toys. To achieve this, the company works closely with major entertainment, film and automotive groups to continuously produce innovative and patented products.

A new and attractive positioning

Jada Toys quickly stands out thanks to its pop culture niche and seduces the whole world with its replicas of world famous vehicles such as the Batmobile or the De Lorean from Back to the Future… An offer that pleases consumers very quickly. Reflecting the trends of the automotive culture, Jada knows how to surprise its customers with the high level of detail and style of its products. A new generation of enthusiasts is responding.

Superheroes at your fingertips

Falling back into childhood by rubbing shoulders with one’s favorite superheroes, this is the challenge that Jada meets by allowing specialized stores to offer Marvel, DC Comics, Hollywood Rides and mythical car replicas. Products that stand out on the shelves and continue to attract young and old alike.

2011 – An expansion of the offer

Big kids have plenty to look forward to in their favorite movies, but what about the little ones? Jada was previously very much associated with a male target, but the company decided to remedy this by taking a closer look at the Hello Kitty brand. Hello Kitty joined the range in 2011, launching its first line of toys dedicated to little girls. The brand continued its momentum with a line of “Cutie Pops” dolls in 2012 accompanied by a multi-million dollar television commercial that earned it the award for best-selling fashion doll of the year.

BatmanMetals Die-Cast, the springboard to Universal, Disney and DC Comics

In January 2015, everything accelerated. Metals Die-Cast has become synonymous with quality and style in the toy world. Jada manages to land major licenses – Universal, Marvel, Disney, DC Comics and more. The manufacturer manages to create a huge library of die-cast figures in record time. These collectible figures represent one of the fastest growing lines ever produced by the company. A tremendous success linked to innovative products on the market and appealing to a wide target audience worldwide.

2014, the Fast & Furious frenzy

As time goes by, Jada Toys continues to expand its range. 13 years after the first Fast & Furious, Jada licensed the American blockbuster and reproduced some of the biggest cars in the film. These detailed die-cast and radically controlled parts have proven to be very popular with fans of the film, even in the years without a release. Every Fast & Furious movie has passed through Jada’s expert hands from the first “Fast and Furious” to the latest.

2019 a European acquisition

The Simba Dickie group based in Germany, acquires Jada Toys in 2019. An opportunity to expand on the European continent and meet another customer base, also fond of cinema.

Heading to France

This is the right time to enter the French market. This is possible through the Solido brand, which becomes in early 2020, official distributor of the brand in France. The French are at the rendezvous and now the miniatures Jada Toys find their place in supermarkets and specialty stores.

Jada Toys, constantly listening to trends

Today, Jada Toys offers a complete range of toys internationally, from Hello Kitty toys, to Marvel and DC Comics reproductions and American blockbusters to a more fantastic universe such as Harry Potter. The brand alone concentrates a unique cinematographic universe in the world. The most famous movies are represented, so you can transpose your passion to our favorite heroes. Jada is undoubtedly a key player in the world of toys and car reproductions for over 20 years. This undeniable experience offers an extreme confidence to its distributors, retailers and final customers, what to establish its growing notoriety in the years to come.

Jada Diecast
Jada Diecast